(Sold) 1month frosty point holland lop, cute and chubby

I have a pretty looking, fluffy and chubby frosty point purebreed holland lop available for you! He's very bright and active, furry and has nice full cheeks. He is small size, smaller than palm size nice and gets along well with other rabbits and pets. Very curious and adorable! Nice pretty colour too!His ears are relatively good-lengthed. But both ears have not lopped fully yet. Some rabbits which of shorter ears or depending on genetic factors, will take longer to lop their ears, sometimes taking up to months or years (extreme cases).He is healthy and feeds readily on fresh alfalfa and timothy hay, and fresh pellets. His nails have been trimmed already. Weaned and ready to be received into a new family!

Colour: Frosty Point
Gender: Male
Price: $440

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