(Sold) Smart, Responsive, trained CNY baby, Rare Broken Smoke Pearl ND

Never thought rabbits are intelligent animals? This little powderpuff bunny responds when you signal to him. Loves the run of space and follows you around the house! He is very adorable and super small, 3/4 palm size only, will remain small when matured. Born on Day 1 of the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit! Rare broken smoke pearl colour!

Sired by a show quality broken fawn netherland dawrf from usa. Both parents are palm-sized.

Dont miss this cutie!

This little boy loves to run around with his brother and snuggles around your legs and loves to snuggle between other bunnies for comfort to sleep. Only for those who have enough time to care for a little buddy.

Colour: Broken Smoke Pearl
Gender: Male
Price: $260 only

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