(Sold) Orange holland lop boy for you!

Have a nice deep orange holland lop boy 7.5weeks available. Cute type. He's a curious guy, not scared of anything
Color: Orange
Gender: Male
Price: $450

(Sold) Attentionseeking SMALL orange netherland dwarf boy

Have a cutie small sized netherland dwarf male 3mths old. As small as a 6-8week old baby dwarf! Always waiting for me at the edge of the cage, and following us around. 
Color: orange
Gender: male
Price: $300

(Sold) Supercuteeee blue eye white holland lop boy!

Chubby fluffy and too pretty!!! Blue eyed white holland lop boy. Very curious and needs to have a peek at everything! 
Color: blue eyed white
Gender: male
Price: $600

(SOLD) Supertiny blue eyed white female nd baby

Have a super petite small boned blue eyed white netherland dwarf. She is soooo tame!! And love coming up to you!! She will grow up to be a very small sized bunny. Pictured at 6 weeks but she still looks the size of typical 4week old standard netherland dwarf size. Has a good appetite and not picky on food, Healthy & feeding on oxbow alfalfa hay, timothy hay & young rabbit pellets. 

She loves to lick her lips, dont know why also. And poses all the time. We got quite a few shots of her tongue super cute la!

Color: Blue Eyed White
Gender: Female
Price: $260 fixed 
Pictured beside her is an opal male netherland dwarf same age as her (not related) also at $260. 

(SOLD) Opal netherland dwarf male

Little boy is curious and likes company. Eats alot and enjoys prancing around with his buddies! 
Color: Opal
Gender: Male
Price: $260

(SOLD) Rare frosty point netherland dwarf boy

Have a chubby boy who's really very fat. He's a very clean white with light grey markings. No yellow pigments in the coat. Curious, likes to explore and eats alot. Hand tame. Coming 7weeks old
Color: frosty point
Gender: male
Price: $280

(Sold) Show quality female netherland dwarf blue otter dont miss!!!

Show quality female netherland dwarf female. Blue otter color. She's small, but power packed. Huge bold head, fatfat cheeks (fantastic for a female) thick short ears, super flat face, wide shoulder to hindquarter, short stumpy legs. That cute little bear. 

She has a perfect temperament to match, super tame and enjoys being patted and she can lay comfortably next to you for a long long time. Barely struggles- very used to human handling. 

(She's shedding now, hence looking alittle choppy)

Color: Blue otter
Gender: female
Price: $880 fixed