Last update - 3 Apr 2018


Instore we have loads of bunnies for you and your loved ones to snuggle up to!

Show quality netherland dwarfs and holland lops at Scruffiez Rabbitry, do hop over to visit http://facebook.com/ScruffiezRabbitryo/

(Pictured: R2B - Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, Enya - Broken Orange Holland Lop, Xmas - Lilac Otter Holland Lop, Pikka - Orange Netherland Dwarf, Ninja - Chestnut Nethejrland Dwarf) not for sale
No rabbits available, until mid may

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO, most of the bunnies are sold before they get posted here! Feel free to let us know what rabbits you want and we can place you on our waiting list and we'll contact you as soon as we have them

Stay TUNED! 98770772 / 91763830 first come first serve only please.

Rabbits are 8-10years or more of commitment, ensure that u have enough time & resources to care for one before contacting!!

*note: our young rabbits (holland lops, fuzzy lops, netherland dwarfs and jersey woolies) are usually SGD$250-500 on average. Ranging from pet quality to brood quality and sometimes show quality.

Upcoming (forecasted colors in pet & brood to show): 
Mid april - pet quality and brood quality netherland dwarfs

(SOLD) Rare Solid Chocolate mini lopssss!!

A band of cutie chocolate brothers!!! Just loveeeee the rich chocolate uniqueness in these bunnies. Chocolate genes are hard to come by and rare all over usa, europe and singapore as well. 

Color: chocolate
Gender: Males
Price: $350-450

(SOLD) vienna squirrel male netherland dwarf baby!

Blurblur loooking little kiddo. He a pretty chill fella and very tame and docile. Not the hyper active kind and contented just staying in a comfortable space
Color: Vienna Marked Squirrel
Gender: Male
Price: $280

(Sold) affectionate little cream holland lop baby female

Have a cutie who alwaysssss waits for us by the gate and wants all the pats and cuddles she can get. Shes not afraid and enjoys snuggling up with us. Tame and easy to handle. 

Color: Cream 
Gender: female
Price: $320

(SOLD) teddybearish orange harlequin mini lop

Very cute right!! This photogenic little teddy bear is one little puff! Aiyo! Tame, docile, easy to handle and just liked being pat. And he surely loves to pose! He's going to be very small for a mini lop. Im expecting max 2kg somewhere inbetween a holland lop and a standard mini lop. Mini lops weigh between 2-3kg. They will be bigger than average holland lops (about the size of a pet quality larger boned sized holland lop).
Color: orange black harlequin 
Gender: male
Price: $360

(Sold) show quality blue tort netherland dwarf baby!

Haiyo so cute la! Its been awhile since we've had some cute show bunnies around here. So here's a round balanced cutie. Tame and adorbs!
Color: Blue tortoiseshell
Gender: Male
Price: $580

(SOLD) vienna blue pet quality netherland dwarf 7weeks

Got a chilled and laid back funny bunny, he adores being pat and stroked (: 

Color: vienna marked blue
Gender: male
Price: $240