7.5weeks vienna orange harlequin & vienna chestnut affectionate pet quality mini lops

Have 2 little kids that loves cuddling up and following people. Very mild character, tame and easily to handle, very chill and lays down when pat. They love attention and will happily lay by your side. Fatfat little kids. Vienna chestnut has parti blue eyes on both sides 

Price & color: $320 vienna chestnut (available) / $340 vienna orange harlequin (sold) 
Gender: both males


Last update - 14 Oct 2018


Instore we have loads of bunnies for you and your loved ones to snuggle up to!

Show quality netherland dwarfs and holland lops at Scruffiez Rabbitry, do hop over to visit http://facebook.com/ScruffiezRabbitry/

(Pictured: R2B - Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, Enya - Broken Orange Holland Lop, Xmas - Lilac Otter Holland Lop, Pikka - Orange Netherland Dwarf, Ninja - Chestnut Nethejrland Dwarf) not for sale

$320 vienna chestnut male mini lops 8weeks

Text 98770772 for viewing appointments please (;

CONTACT FOR MORE INFO, most of the bunnies are sold before they get posted here! Feel free to let us know what rabbits you want. We can place you on our waiting list and we'll contact you as soon as we have them

Stay TUNED! 98770772 / 91763830 first come first serve only please.

Rabbits are 8-10years or more of commitment, ensure that u have enough time & resources to care for one before contacting!! They are fragile animals that can stress easily, here’s a gentle reminder that rabbits are not suitable for young children.

*note: our current young rabbits (holland lops, fuzzy lops, netherland dwarfs and jersey woolies) are usually SGD$250-500 on average. Ranging from pet quality to brood quality and sometimes show quality.

Upcoming (forecasted colors in pet & brood to show): 
None for now....

(SOLD) $260 curious vienna opal female netherland dwarf

Have a kaypo but really sweet little bunny. She likes to run around and check things out, eats alot, has loads of energy, but always runs back to us, climb all over us, sniffs us and licks us (: ready for viewing 7weeks old. (Pic taken a week ago). Eating well on solid food and timothy hay and alfalfa hay. Not picky on food. Easy to handle

Color: Vienna marked opal
Gender: female
Price: $260

(SOLD) 7wks pet quality orange holland lop female

Have a spunky fella who lies to snuggle up to things and find warmth. Shes cute and likes to be pet but needs a firm hand on handling. 

Color: Orange
Gender: female
Price: $280

(Sold) 7.5weeks vienna blue mini lop female

7.5weeks old female vienna marked blue mini lop available! She’s super solid to the touch! Mini lops are not the smallest lops in the world (the smallest are holland lops). This is a mini lop, she’ll grow up to 1.9-2.2kg (small for a mini lop actually). She’s active when she chooses to be, but prefers to sleep and eat rather than explore haha..  She’s tame and gentle, takes time to warm up to new people, but enjoys being pat. 

Color: vienna blue
Gender: female
Price: $340 fixed

If interested contact 98770772 / 91763830 for viewing appointments. Rabbits are 8-10year or more of committment, they are fragile, get stressed easily hence not suitable for young children. Ensure enough time and resources to care for a rabbit before contacting. 

(SOLD) 7weeks blue eyed white male holland lop

7weeks old male blue eyed white holland lop for you! He’s a spunky fella full of energy and very curious! He may be small but he eats all the time and loves his hay... always munching and munching. He’s tame and adores his pats inbetween prancing around everything! He may be active, but he’s easily to carry and hold. Enjoys laying on his buddies and snuggling with them. 

Color: Blue Eyed White
Gender: Male
Price: $260 

(SOLD) $350 super deep rufous broken orange male mini lop

Super sought-after color, a deep orange coat. He looks almost red, but he’s not lah. This fella is mostly orange, with just minimal broken pattern. We call this an orange mantle. He’s so chill and chubby and cute aiyoooo... just look at him.. 
he’ll be a very small mini lop size, looking at adult size of 1.8-2kg only (just slightly bigger than normal holland lops).

Color: broken orange
Gender: male
Price: $350