(sold) 4weeks sable/seal point holland lop

This baby is super gorgeous! She's the cutest of many bunnies ive seen and she maintained that silly lovely look since she was a week plus. Flat face, round. Nice short ears, ultimately cute and super tame. Stays cuddly in your hands!
she is a PUREBREED holland lop, NOT A NETHERLAD DWARF. her ears are short that they havent lopped down! I merely pressed her ears down to take photos thus her ears look weird

Loves munching on hay and corn bits. Happy and super cheerful funny looking girl! Feeds on alfalfa, timothy hay and top grade pellets. Fed with extra supplements as well.
**her colour may be dark now but they lighten with age to look more like a siamese cat colour!

Colour: Sable/seal point holland lop
Gender: Female
Price: $450 (come and have a look at her and you decide for urself if shes really that adorable!)

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