(Sold) 7.5weeks vienna blue mini lop female

7.5weeks old female vienna marked blue mini lop available! She’s super solid to the touch! Mini lops are not the smallest lops in the world (the smallest are holland lops). This is a mini lop, she’ll grow up to 1.9-2.2kg (small for a mini lop actually). She’s active when she chooses to be, but prefers to sleep and eat rather than explore haha..  She’s tame and gentle, takes time to warm up to new people, but enjoys being pat. 

Color: vienna blue
Gender: female
Price: $340 fixed

If interested contact 98770772 / 91763830 for viewing appointments. Rabbits are 8-10year or more of committment, they are fragile, get stressed easily hence not suitable for young children. Ensure enough time and resources to care for a rabbit before contacting. 

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