(SOLD) Tortoiseshell rare 2.5mth Flemish Giant baby boy!

Super affectionate and free-spirited boy who's not afraid of humans and warms up to people very easily! He's not afraid of running around you, bumping into your legs for pats and lazing by your side! He weighs in at 2.1kg at 2.5months old, has the potential to grow up to 6-10kg. He's currently the size of an adult chihuahua now. He's super smart and toilet trained within a day. He is usually free roaming, automatically does his business in a cage, eats & drinks, before coming out to play. Gets along well with other bunnies, enjoys company. Imported & microchipped, comes with a microchip cert. he's a rare tortoiseshell color but his color is not recognised at rabbit shows. His ears are slightly heavy hence unbalanced n lopping.  
His favourite lazing spot is where the fan blows, or a quiet cooling area against the wall beside where the human's sit.. 

Color: Tortoiseshell
Gender: Male
Price: $1,480

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