(SOLD) Supertiny blue eyed white female nd baby

Have a super petite small boned blue eyed white netherland dwarf. She is soooo tame!! And love coming up to you!! She will grow up to be a very small sized bunny. Pictured at 6 weeks but she still looks the size of typical 4week old standard netherland dwarf size. Has a good appetite and not picky on food, Healthy & feeding on oxbow alfalfa hay, timothy hay & young rabbit pellets. 

She loves to lick her lips, dont know why also. And poses all the time. We got quite a few shots of her tongue super cute la!

Color: Blue Eyed White
Gender: Female
Price: $260 fixed 
Pictured beside her is an opal male netherland dwarf same age as her (not related) also at $260. 

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