(Sold) Good type broken orange netherland dwarf female

Broken patterned netherland dwarfs are recognised at the rabbit show tables under Group 5 (Any Other Variety). This Broken Orange girl is tame, 1mth, loves to stand and peek at things, loves loads of pats and cuddle time. Has a good body, good pattern (more than 10%, good for showing) - she has an orange stripe down her back. very gentle bunny, healthy and feeding on oxbow timothy hay, alfalfa hay, and young rabbit pellets. Her father a chestnut won a best of breed (netherland dwarf) 1 GC leg at his last ARBA show and mum a broken orange has 2 GC legs back in the USA. Her lineage is mostly from the USA. Parent pics available during viewing
Color: broken orange
Price: $420

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