(SOLD) Black Otter/ Broken Chestnut Mixed Show Netherland dwarf/ Holland lop

(SOLD) Black Otter male Kid:
"Im super cute, i yawn, i have a super chubby flat face, i have bright orange otter marking, im a midlength coat rabbit, my dad's a show quality netherland dwarf, my mum's a purebreed holland lop, but i seem to have gotten some recessive genes and have some longer fur, i cant even put a name to myself. Lets just say, im special and duper adorable (: I have a sister, a broken chestnut colour, she's a short coat and looks just like a netherland dwarf"

(SOLD) 1mth male Black otter
(Available) female broken Chestnut, short thick ears, thick body, but may grow up to holland lop size.

$240 each

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