(Sold) Sneak preview 3wk old netherland dwarfs

Update: 9mar2012
Who can resist baby bunnies! Open for reservation. between 180-320 Colours are vienna black otters and vienna chestnut. The vienna black otter with the wider white band has blue eyes. All females, except the last chestnut with a white stripe on left hand is a male. From show quality chestnut father and a blue eyed white mum, both are from good showlines from USA with certs carrying nice grandchampion rabbits. These babies are not of show quality, hence the price, but they will definitely look better and smaller than your average quality nd that u find at pet shops. Last two pics are dad and mum.

She slept beside me, paws in the air, awwww...

(mum, blue eye white has only 2in ears! Beautiful headmount there, purely from show quality lines)

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