(SOLD) 7weeks purebreed chinchilla holland lop female

This chinchilla girl is such a darling! she'll happily run up to the opened cage door asking for a pat! She's very tame and wouldnt struggle, verygentle, great for kids. She wouldnt move an inch even when we cradled her like a baby. She has a very rich fur coat like a silver fox, not too dark or too light. Beautiful coat with the perfect personality of a bunny!

She's way into her ugly stage (its the first growth stage where a bunny's ears and face starts to grow faster than the other parts of the body, making her look less cute) but she is still looking good with her cute cheeks, and nice thick opened ears, thanks to her genes from her show quality daddy from a reputable rabbitry in the USA. flat faced as you can see from the photos! She also loves snuggling with her cage mates.

She's so alert and curious that she'll stand up everytime she senses something! SO CUTE! she looks way better in person than in photos!

Colour: Chinchilla

Gender: Female
Price: $360 Firm

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