(NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE) Pedigree good type Black himalayan netherland dwarf male show parents, USA

(undecided to sell yet, but open to enquiries, will update photos soon, his points have all grown out, in his uglies now)

Very strong and well built body type, veryvery dense and soft velvet-like fur. Born from 2 black himalayan netherland dwarf that have done well at the show tables back in USA from reputable breeders. His colour is still in the process of changing out from the greyish coat to get a clean white body with black points. Has very full cheeks just like the parents and wil grow out to have a big head and full round cheeks. Thick body, great for adding mass to your herd. Relatively short ears as well. Dad at 1.6inch ears and mum at 1.7inch ears, well below the criteria for show rabbits.

He refused to pose and prefer to lay down, see him in person will give you a better gauge. Will come with his pedigree cert and tattoo when he turns 3mth

Current photo at 9weeks
Scruffiez' LOL
Black himalayan
Dam: Imperial's Esme -1leg
Sire: BBC's Poptail

Check out his parent's pictures at http://www.scruffiez.webs.com/ under Netherland Dwarfs, they are the first 2 himalayan that is on the page!

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