(SOLD) Adoption Range - Vienna Marked Smoke Pearl Proven Female 8mths

Nice and well bodied vienna marked smoke pearl. Vienna marked means they have the white markings on the nose and probably paws, they carry the vienna genes to produce blue eyed whites and blue eyes and produce babies with dutch markings. She's proven and given birth once, a great mum!

8months Proven female. She only has a white marking on her nose! don't miss her out! She is gentle and tame. Ears at abt 2inch

$180 - she's a steal!

Preferably to go with Broken Sable point boy.

Pair to go at $340. Will produce shaded colours like smoke pearls, sable points, maybe siamese sables, frosty?. All these variation of colours in brokens as well as blue eyes and dutch marking kits!

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