(sold) 1month chestnut Netherland Dwarf Baby!

Dont miss this Very adorable Pedigree Netherland Dwarf boy of show quality descent! He is chestnut colour but with a very orangey fur coat. Fur is Veryvery dense and fine. Body is veryvery round and stocky looking. face and body is round. Ears are short and rounded at the tips! very beatiful, lots of mass at his young age.

Fathered by a puppy-like Show quality RARE colour netherland dwarf! This little boy got his father's good looks! He is healthy, veryvery tame and fluffy. Feeding on alfalfa hay and timothy hay as well as pellets.

Great bunny with great overall features and lovely temperament.

Colour: Chestnut
Gender: Male
Price: $350


  1. looking nice, but i doubt it'll be a show boy. but he's looking great now