19Nov-21Nov2011- Opened for viewing

Do give us a tinkle/SMS/Whatsapp if you are interested to come down for viewing of the bunnies, and please also let us know if we need to prepare a carrier/carton box for you, best if u can bring your own carrier down

We will have:
Vienna Black ND Doe/Buck
Orange ND Buck
Tort Otter ND Buck
Blue Otter ND Buck
Broken Chinchilla Holland Lop
Dwarf angoras upon request
#SPECIAL: All above price ranges below$280, special discounts for a pair.

Some show quality ND and Holland lops available, upon request only. Expect price range $600 - $950.
Purchase of Oxbow Young Rabbit Food, Oxbow Alfalfa Hay, 2.5ft basic cages, accessories available

First come first serve only. PLEASE contact 90679167/ 98770772 to make an appointment today! *Some slots have already been taken up.

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